Trivia Night

June 8, June 29, July 13, July 26*, August 10, & August 22* @6pm

*Note: Due to fair, the July 26th Trivia Night is on a Wednesday.
The last Trivia Night has moved to a Tuesday - Tuesday, August 22nd.

What is the name of the egg hatching elephant created by Dr. Seuss? What is the most planted red wine grape variety in the world? In what month is the summer solstice? Which country has the most hectares under vine than any other country in the world? Want to answer even more trivia questions? 

Bring your family and friends for a fun night of Trivia with wine-themed prizes. Outside food is welcome, and beverages and snacks will be available for purchase. We play outside, so dress warm! Doors open at 6pm, and it gets packed, so show up early to grab a great spot.