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VINEYARD - Great wine starts on the grapevine. Our 25-acre vineyard in the heart of California's Shenandoah Valley, Amador County, has proven ideal for producing premium Chianti-style Sangiovese...   Continue »
WINEMAKING - Old-world methods are supplemented by modern winemaking techniques to ensure that every bottle delivers full flavor and balance while maintaining varietal accuracy...   Continue »
OUR STORY - The Gullett family has grown and matured through the years alongside the winery. Jim and Suzy's adventure began in 1987 with 21 acres of prime Sangiovese-growing land in the Sierra Foothills.  About Us »
YOUR TABLE - We think our Sangioveses go well with just about anything -- anytime, anywhere -- Noceto wines exhibit the balance suited for enjoyment with friends and family at your next meal.   Wine & Food »
WINES - Renowned throughout California for world-class Sangiovese, we also produce smaller quantities of Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel, Barbera, and a light, effervescent Moscato called Frivolo.   Shop Now »
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Welcome to Vino Noceto

Where Italian inspiration
collides with California
sunshine to produce
world class Sangiovese
in Amador County.

You are invited to
the Shenandoah Valley,
heart of the Mother Lode,
to share our passion for
Sangiovese. We look forward
to joining your next meal.


Product Spotlight

2010 Noceto Sangiovese
$18/bottle (16.20 Club)

The 21st vintage of our flagship wine delivers a Chianti-inspired punch and pairs well with a very wide range of foods: from grilled chicken and fish to lasagna, pizza and curry, this wine exhibits exceptional versatility.

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Featured Location

Restaurant Taste
Plymouth, CA

Internationally recognized fine dining can be found right in our own backyard. Their extensive wine list currently features our 2009 Riserva Sangiovese along with many other local wines. Make sure to check out their famous mushroom cigars!

Featured Location

Join the Nut Club

Our wine club members receive discounted rates on purchases of applicable wines. Currently we offer 3 wine club levels: Big Nuts receive shipments twice annually, while Frivolo Fanatics & Little Nuts receive only one annual shipment. Gain access to exclusive events, limited production wines and special pricing.

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Anna K., ex-Noceto marketing maven, has put together a great feature article Wineries & Water: 2014 Kicks off with Drought Conditions Throughout California, which gives an inside look at the drought and the challenges it presents to viticulture in Amador County. Make sure you check this out, and don't miss the other excellent articles she has authored.

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Open House Weekend 2014

Taste Winemaker Luncheon
Taste Restaurant, Plymouth Friday, April 25, 12:30pm

14th Annual Open House
Vino Noceto Winery
Saturday, April 26, 11am to 5pm

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