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Our 2015 Rosato di Sangiovese is created in the saignée tradition as a by-product of red wine production – about 10% of the Sangiovese juice is removed after 12-24 hours on the skins, with the pink juice then fermented separately in a stainless steel tank. This process produces a more concentrated flavor in the resulting red wine, with the added bonus of a delightfully aromatic, crisp rosato.
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Noceto's flagship Noceto Sangiovese is modeled after the Tuscan Chianti – medium-bodied, fruit-packed, easy-drinking, well-balanced, and highly versatile with food. This wine is widely regarded as "the best Sangiovese in California." (Dan Berger, Darrell Corti, Mike Dunne, Elaine Taylor). The 2012 vintage is Noceto's 23rd vintage release. Grapes were sourced from 19 separate lots of six different clonal selections. Each lot was harvested and fermented separately, then later selectively blended. The resulting blend is 100% Sangiovese and consists of 84% estate grapes and 14% from neighboring vineyards.

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If you love our flagship Noceto Sangiovese, then you'll love the convenience of our 3L Bag-in-Box program!  These can be used to refill your Boxxle wine dispenser or on their own for parties or outdoor activities.

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Noceto's answer to a Brunello style Sangiovese, the Riserva displays classic Italian Sangiovese characteristics with a hint of California. With more body and complexity than the regular Noceto Sangiovese bottling, the 2012 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese displays a medium-deep crimson color, with red cherry and cranberry fruit aromas that lead to rich, dark cherry-berry flavors. The palate is accented by subtle oak and spice.
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With vines sourced from the Isole e Olena vineyard in the heart of the Chianti region of Italy, this limited-production Sangiovese is produced from the Hillside block of our estate with 5% Caniolo Nero added for extra complexity.

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Misto Sangiovese is Vino Noceto’s ongoing “experiment” in making a traditional Chianti wine. Historically, Chianti wines from the mid-19th century through most of the 20th century included at least 70% Sangiovese plus Canaiolo Nero and the white grapes Malvasia and Trebbiano. Since 2000, Vino Noceto has experimented with varying percentages, finally settling on a field blend of about 10% white grapes (Malvasia and Trebbiano) and 90% red grapes (Sangiovese plus a little Canaiolo Nero).

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The 2012 Marmellata Sangiovese is big and jammy, with firm tannins, a bit of earthiness, meatiness and hints of chocolate and spice. It pairs well with steak gorgonzola or a rich beef stew.

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The 2012 Dos Oakies is layered, complex and well-balanced, with great structure and classic Italian flavors. It displays dark cherry fruit, an earthiness with a touch of leather, oak and cassis. It pairs well with grilled or roasted meats, steak Florentine, rich pasta, or heavy, spicy dishes like curry.

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A super-premium, Brunello-style Sangiovese, Noceto's AX-1 is the result of many years of experimentation to produce a California Sangiovese to rival the best Brunellos and Riserva Sangioveses from Italy. Gentle treatment has been the focus of the entire winemaking process -- from a gentle crushing of the grapes and a 10-14 day fermentation in new French oak puncheons to preserve the bright varietal flavors, to 36 months of aging in the same puncheon to soften youthful tannins and gently age the wine, and finally an additional 2-1/2 years of bottle aging. The result is a fruit-packed, full-flavored, complex wine with a lingering finish, exhibiting flavors of dark plum and cherry, leather, earth, and mushroom. It should pair well with rich dishes as beef stroganoff, cassoulet, Moroccan lamb stew, or steak au poivre.

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Fun Sangiovese Facts

Did you know? Sangiovese is the only grape varietal named after a god. The root of the word comes from the latin words "sanguis" and "jovis" - meaning the "Blood of Jove." The Roman god Jove was the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus.

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