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Winemaking starts in the vineyard. Everything starts in the vineyard. Amongst the myriad steps toward producing good wine, the first big strides are always made among the vines. But great winemaking is required to produce the unique aromatic and delicate feminine characteristics of the Sangiovese grape.



Commitment to Stewardship

The Vino Noceto family is remarkably fortunate; many would say we are living a dream. With that dream come responsibilities and a commitment to make the world a better place.

As farmers we are stewards of the land, driven to leave our farmland so that the next and future generations of farmers can make a living from it. And even more importantly, so we may continue to contribute sustenance and spirit to the projected thirteen billion habitants of Earth in the second half of this century.

To us, this means employing the principles encompassed by the mantra “reuse, recycle, renew.” Vino Noceto is one of only three Sierra Foothill wineries to be recognized by California's Waste Reductions Awards Program (WRAP), and we were the first winery in the Sierra foothills to be Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. The winery has successfully addressed several of the greatest waste and environmental impact opportunities in its operations. Vineyard, orchard and winemaking byproducts are composted into a nutrient-rich soil amendment and worked back into the soil. Owner Jim Gullett states, "Additions of this fiber and organic matter are important for preservation of our fragile, Amador soils."

Vino Noceto actively practices the sustainability programs developed by the Wine Institute and California Association of Winegrape Growers. We strive for at least a 10% energy efficiency improvement with every new vehicle or implement acquisition. Vino Noceto was amongst the first solar-powered wineries in the Sierra Foothills—in fact, 100% of the power to the winery and tasting room is solar generated. Energy usage factors into most every farming decision.