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Current Wines

2020 Rosato di Sangiovese
  • Gold (91 Points) - 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA) 
  • Silver - 2021 Foothill Winefest – 1st ever competition for wineries in the Sierra Foothills
2018 Sangiovese Originale
  • Silver - 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA)
2017 Sangiovese Originale
  • Double Gold (94 Points) - 2021 Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition
  • Gold - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle 
  • 92 Points - Wine Review Online 
    "The winery flagship shows again winemaker Rusty Folena's deep respect for this grape's heritage and what it can do in the Shenandoah Valley.  The estate fruit delivers tart cherry fruit and Italian styled herbaceousness, and easy oak spice and gentle taste character enhances the fruit and herb.  It's all drawn together with vibrant food friendly acidity that gives the fruit profile a nice finishing push.  It try to keep some of this in my cellar at all times - you might call it my house red.  It should be one of yours." - Rich Cook, (1/2021)
  • 90 Points - Wine Enthusiast 
    "Baking-spice aromas and rich but bright red-cherry and strawberry flavors define this well-balanced, medium- to full-bodied wine that is true to its Italian roots. Moderate tannins and good acidity will keep it lively when paired with rich food." (2021)
2017 Riserva Sangiovese
  • Gold (92 Points) - 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA)
  • Silver - 2021 Foothill Winefest
  • 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast
    "This robust and tannic wine exudes sawn oak aromas, and blends both tart and ripe red fruits on the palate. Its grippy texture and concentration give a sense of good aging potential. Best from 2023."  (11/2020)
  • ​94 Points - Wine Review Online
    "Not too many wines get the 'Wow' in my handwritten notes during site visits, so I know when I go back to flesh them out for publication that we're on to a winner.  This bottling is a blend of Brunello clone Sangioveses, including Altesino, Il Poggione, and Biondi Santi, and it's one of those wines that manages elegance and power in its youth, promising a beautiful future.  It's structured for aging, with great acidity carrying deep cherry fruit, mixed herbs, and spices.  That acidity also makes for a huge finish with a zesty, freshening push of integrated flavors that just keep coming.  This bottling typically 'jumps around' a bit when young, but it's showing great already.  Bravo!"  - Rich Cook, (1/2021)
  • 89 Points/One Puff - Connoisseurs' Guide
    "Scents of sweet, lightly oaked cherries are enlivened by a slight rhubarb twist in the nose of this nimble, nicely crafted, medium-bodied wine, and its lively and lingering flavors fall right into step.  Its very temperate tannins combine with measured acidity to afford a bit of firming as it goes, but its enjoyment in no way depends on further age, and near- to mid-term service with the likes of veal parmesan will show this tailored, varietally precise Sangiovese off at its best."  (11/2020)
2014 AX-1 Sangiovese
  • Silver - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  • Silver - 2021 Amador County Fair Wine Competition 
  • 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast
  • 95 Points - Wine Review Online 
2018 Hillside Sangiovese
  • Double Gold - 2021 Foothill Winefest
  • Double Gold - (94 Points) 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA)
  • Gold - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  • Silver - 2021 Orange County Fair Wine Competition
  • 92 Points - Wine Enthusiast 
2018 Dos Oakies Sangiovese
  • Silver - 2021 Calaveras County Fair Wine Competition 
  • 92 Points - Wine Enthusiast
2018 Marmellata Sangiovese
  • 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast
2018 Misto Sangiovese
  • Gold - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 
  • 93 Points - Editors Choice - Wine Enthusiast 2021
2018 Mistura 180° Selection
  • Gold - 90 Points - 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA)
  • 90 Points - Wine Enthusiast 
Rosso - Tuscan Red Blend
  • 88 Points - Wine Enthusiast
2016 OGP Zinfandel
  • Silver - 2021 Amador County Fair Wine Competition
  • 94 Points - Cellar Selection - Wine Enthusiast
2016 Linsteadt Barbera
  • Silver - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  • 88 Points - Wine Enthusiast 2021
  • 92 Points - Wine Review Online 2021
2017 Linsteadt Barbera
  • Silver - 2021 Calaveras County Fair Wine Compeition
  • 91 Points/Two Puffs - Connoisseur's Guide 
    "As pure in its display of Barbera fruit as any example in memory, Noceto's 2017 Linsteadt rendition is, quite simply, a beautifully made wine.  It is optimally ripe and not a whit more than needs tbe with a judiciuos veneer of sweet oak set atop its very deep, red-berry fruit, and it exhibits superb balance and a lengthy finish that seems to extend a bit more with each sip.  "Classy" is a term that rarely comes to mind when thinking about Barbera, but very classy this one is, and those open to expanding their vinous horizons beyond the usual are highly encouraged to seek a few bottles out.  It is that good."  91points, GOOD VALUE, 2 puffs - Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine (10/2021)
2016 Aglianico Fumo e Terra
  • Double Gold - 2021 Amador County Fair Wine Competition
  • Gold (91 Points) - 2021 Toast of the Coast (San Diego, CA)
  • Silver - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 
  • 89 Points - Wine Enthusiast 
Almirante (Port-style Dessert Wine)
  • Gold - Best of Class - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 


Noteworthy Awards (Historic)

1991 Noceto Sangiovese: 2 Puffs--Connoisseurs' Guide
1993 Noceto Sangiovese: Double Gold--California State Fair; Best of Show--Amador County Fair
1995 Noceto Sangiovese: Best of Region--California State Fair; Best of Show--Amador County Fair
1999 Noceto Sangiovese: Best of Class--New World International; 'Top 100 Wines of 2001'--SF Chronicle
2008 Noceto Sangiovese: 'Top Ten Brands of 2013'--WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY
2009 Misto Sangiovese: Best of Show/Best Red Wine/Best Amador Italian/Best Sangiovese/Gold--Amador County Fair; Gold--Orange County Fair
2009 Dos Oakies Sangiovese: Best Sangiovese/Gold--California State Fair
2009 Marmellata Sangiovese: Double Gold--Orange County Fair
2009 AX-1 Sangiovese: Gold, Best Sangiovese, 2015 Critics' Challenge International

2010 Noceto Sangiovese: Best of Class/Gold--Rodeo Uncorked! International
2010 Riserva Sangiovese: Best of Class/Gold--Sunset Magazine International
2011 Noceto Sangiovese: Best of Class of Region/Gold--California State Fair
2011 AX-1 Sangiovese: 90 Points--Wine Enthusiast; 90 Points/1Puff--Connosseurs' Guide; Double Gold--SF Chronicle

2012 Noceto Sangiovese: Chairman's Award/Unanimous Gold--Riverside International
2012 Riserva Sangiovese: Best of Class/Chairman's Award/Unanimous Gold/Sweepstakes Nominee--Long Beach International
2012 OGP Zinfandel: Gold--San Francisco Chronicle & San Diego Taste of the Coast
2013 OGP Zinfandel: 93 Points--Wine Enthusiast
2012 Barbera Linsteadt Vineyard: Double Gold--SF International
2013 Linsteadt Barbera: 90 Points--Wine Enthusiast
2013 Riserva Sangiovese: 92 Points/Editor's Choice--Wine Enthusiast
2013 Marmellata Sangiovese: 92 points/2 Puffs--Connoisseurs' Guide
2014 Frivolo: Best Muscat/Best of CA Appellation/Gold--San Diego Toast of the Coast
2014 Rosato di Sangiovese: Sweepstates Rose/Gold--Riverside International
2014 Riserva Sangiovese: 91 Points/2 Puffs--Connoisseurs' Guide

2015 Frivolo: Best Moscato/Gold--San Diego Toast of the Coast
2015 Misto Sangiovese: Double Gold--SF Chronicle
2015 Hillside Sangiovese: 99 Points/Best Sangiovese--California State Fair; 92 Points--Wine Enthusiast
2015 Dos Oakies Sangiovese: 91 Points--Wine Enthusiast
2015 Marmellata Sangiovese: 92 Points--Wine Enthusiast
2017 Rosato di Sangiovese: Gold--2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition


Fun Facts

Vino Noceto Sangioveses have a long history of awards within the wine community--even though we constantly seem to see our wines competing against each other! For the past five years we’ve been tracking our many awards, and here are some interesting facts and statistics that we’ve gathered:

A Double Gold medal is awarded rarely – only when all judges unanimously agree that the wine should receive a Gold medal. Noceto wines have earned numerous Double Gold awards, including (most recently) a Double Gold for the Almirante (port) Dessert Wine.

Over the past five years, all of our Sangiovese wines entered into competitions have received a Double Gold, Gold, or Silver medal. In total, 105 of 110 entries received an award!

In 21 vintages, our Sangioveses have earned Best of Show three times at the Amador County Fair, plus Best of Region and Best Sangiovese at the prestigious California State Fair.

Our success in commercial wine competitions extends beyond Sangiovese. All wines entered into competitions in the last five years have been awarded at least once, with 90% earning Double Gold, Gold, or Silver medals.