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Please enjoy this curated list with some of Noceto's best library wines.
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2014 Misto Sangiovese

In the style of a traditional Chianti -- an estate field blend of Sangiovese with Trebbiano, Malvasia, and Canaiolo Nero – the Trebbiano extracting depth and color, the Malvasia adding tropical overtones, and the Canaiolo Nero adding a soft fruitiness. Misto is a staff-favorite because of its unique flavor profile and depth.


95 points, Gold from the California State Fair

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2012 Marmellata Sangiovese

The candied fruit on 2012 Marmellata is deep and precise. With flavors of dark red plum and licorice and a velvety body, the 2012 vintage is a classic example of the Marmellata that we all love.

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2003 Dos Oakies Sangiovese

A staff favorite, the 2003 Dos Oakies shows surprisingly bright fruit for a wine of its age. Displaying both tart and sweet fruit qualities, it manages to be simultaneously clean, crisp, and honeyed.

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2004 Riserva Sangiovese

2004 Riserva displays a simple, balanced elegance. Its mellow fruit is accompanied by bright green herbal notes and smooth tannins that grip the tongue. In the opinion of Suzy and Bobby Gullett, this is one of the best wines Noceto has ever produced.

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2004 OGP Zinfandel

The 2004 vintage of OGP is unusually precise, with its lightly sweet red and purple fruit. It has a subtle earthiness and pepper on the finish, and the bouquet and palate are strong, complex, and balanced.

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