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Sangiovese: A Wine Made for Food

You might ask, "What varietal goes best with pizza? BBQ? Thai food?" For many wine enthusiasts, pairing wine with food presents a daunting task. Fortunately, numerous wine experts have produced convenient and handy charts and references, like this one from Wine Folly.

However, in the end, we think it is your personal preference that dictates the best food-wine combinations.

Here at Vino Noceto, we sometimes have a hard time answering your food pairing questions. We think our Sangiovese goes well with just about anything – anytime, anywhere. Preserving that versatility influences our winemaking style--balanced, fruity, with good acid and tannin structure. Yes, we love our Sangiovese with a pasta Bolognese or a simple pizza, but we also appreciate it with salmon, pork speidini, a hearty steak gorgonzola, chicken tikka masala, osso bucco, and just recently, we enjoyed it with fennel crusted duck. Similarly, Frivolo is delightful with poached pears, fresh berries, or peach tart, but it’s equally superb with an Asian hand roll. We invite you to explore and find the pairings that please your palate!

Winemaker Dinners

We love sharing our table at Winemaker Dinners held periodically throughout the year. These dinners provide an intimate setting where we--the winemaker and owners--can mingle with our wine friends while savoring the artistic and innovative wine and food pairings created by prominent local chefs. Sometimes we even bring the dinners in house and host cellar or vineyard dinners on our estate property. Nut Club members usually get first dibs at these limited events--another reason to be a Nut!

If you are interested in hosting a Winemaker Dinner at your establishment, please contact Suzy Gullett at or 209-245-6556 x4.


Check out our recipes! We love to cook, and Sangiovese is a wine made for food.