The Story Behind Noceto Farms

Vino Noceto is excited to introduce our newest venture, Noceto Farms. Noceto Farms is a full garden producing seasonal fruits, vegetable, nuts, greens, and more. Watch for Noceto Farms produce at a restaurant near you, or get some to bring home at one of our Summer Saturday Farmers Markets

James Hackworth, the Gardening Scientist

Tomatoes bursting out of a Burrito Bed

Farming Consultant, James Hackworth, has over 40 years of gardening experience and is the brains behind Noceto Farms. James is known for his warmth, creativity, and scientific approach to gardening. James is a constant experimenter, testing compost ratios and developing new methods for protecting plants from hungry pests. One of James' most famous inventions is the Burrito Bed.

Burrito Beds start just like a normal plant bed. First, you clear and prepare a space for planting, mixing compost into the dirt. Then you lay a large swath of geotextile fabric over the prepared planting bed. The fabric should be at least 3 times as wide and 4 feet longer than the planting bed. Each Burrito Bed is then made by filling the large swath of geotextile fabric (the tortilla) with a mixture of dirt and compost (the filling).

Once the Buritto is ready and folded into shape, you slice into the top of the burrito in locations where you want to plant a seedling. You then insert the seedling into the Burrito Bed so that plant roots are inside the burrito and the plant stalk bursts through into the sunshine. The Burrito Bed will protect plants from predators and weeds, and over time, the plants will push their roots through the bottom of the Burrito Bed to search out more nutrients.

Noceto Farms, the Beginning

Noceto Farms' first plantings were started in February 2017 on a concrete pad that was once a basketball court. Plants were grown inside of potting soil bags, in seedling containers, and on top of swaths of geotextile fabric.

By April 2017, Noceto Farms had outgrown its cement pad, and Farming Consultant James Hackworth moved the produce (mostly salad greens) to its new home - an entire garden plot sculpted just for Noceto Farms produce. After planting the first seedlings in their new plot, James Hackworth mused, "Here we are in the midst of a new Spring. It's always such an inspiring time of the year. Planting all the seeds coming from the seed catalogues. Planting with the anticipation that our melons, eggplant, and tomatoes will look as beautiful as the photo on the package."

Noceto Farms Produce on a Retired Basketball CourtPlanting in the New PlotPart of the Farm

As of May 2017, the garden had exploded, with radish leaves the size of melons and over 15 pounds of salad greens a week. The staff grew used to taking delicious mixed greens home from work, and guests enjoyed the fruits of Noceto Farms at Noceto's annual Mother's Day Brunch!

Noceto Farms produce is now frequently available for purchase in the Vino Noceto Tasting Room. Have a question about how to get some Noceto Farms produce? Or want to tour the farm? Email us at